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Selected works :


monologues (2009-11), for piano

1. Doth. B'

2. &.

3. Sonnet XXIV

so/not-so (2012/rev.2014), for violin

Giga Brevis (2015) for violin

jeu OULIPO (2016), for scordatura guitar

Megaphone (2016/2020), for amplified muted tuba and fixed media

Poetic Forms (2020-):

1. solo viola (2020)

Studies "On time" after John Milton, for piano (2020-21)

1. Fly

1(a). Albatross [for two pianos]

2. Between Whale & Wreathe

3. Milton's Minotaur, wind-up toy miniature

Ciaconna: la forza distruttiva della tradizione orale, dopo Colombi (2020/21), for cello solo


She should have died…”(2009), Madrigal for 5 voices 

Girl”(2009), for rock band

String Trio, Electric Fetus [with optional amplification & FX pedals] (2010)

Due Capprici, for septet (2012/14)

[eh, cl, tpt (muted), synth, vib, egtr, vc (or db)]

vécu … (2013), for pierrot ensemble

Adaptations: Radiohead (2013), for cello and piano

1. Subterranean Homesick Alien

2. Sail to the Moon

quietus est (2015/16), for violin and voice

How to draw the human figure: 

1. an anatomical approach (2015)

2. Hypostasis abstraction formula: atman calculus (2016)

3. Study in Reduction (in Progress)

Quarantine Diary, songs for voice & piano (2020-)

1. śpieszmy się... (for Marta)

2. heart (for Kate)

3. consider again that pale blue dot (for Taylor)

Becoming an Olive Tree, for flute and cello (2020)

sette facce di lamenti, for two guitars (2021)

Something between us, for cello and piano (in progress)


Homunculus, paragraph 1 (2014), for chamber ensemble

bloom (2015), triple concerto for 3 clarinets and clarinet consort


silhouette (2016), for 24 musicians and 3 conductors

dialogue rapture in pataspace (2017), for orchestra

Daddy (2017), for soprano & chamber orchestra

still, again: the shape of 9 in the age of mechanical reproduction (2020), for un-conducted nonet


Alice in Wonderland



an affair, for 3 wooden chairs, hardwood floors, and black-cladded scenic designers (2008)

DOMESTIC Milieu - monodrama for soprano and string quartet (2008/10)


What it comes to… , for fixed playback (2013)

In Louis…, for fixed playback (2014)

FACE PIECE, for solo performer & MaxMSP (2015)



Free Improvisations for trio

Garrett Wingfield, saxophones; Joey Carter, Drums; 

Edo Frenkel, piano



Music for the film Alice in Wonderland (1903)

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